Jukebox Junkies: Dia Reeves

Welcome to the very first edition of Jukebox Junkies!

Since it’s Halloween, please welcome Dia Reeves, author of Bleeding Violet (January 2010, Simon Pulse), as she shares her SpoOoOoky Playlist (she ain’t kidding – that sh*t gave me goosebumps).


Sometimes before I write, I listen to certain songs to get me in the proper mood. I have a specific playlist for this called Spooky Sh*t (since I write spooky stuff, that’s almost always the mood I need to get into). Anyway, here’s a small sampling of songs from my Spooky Sh*t playlist:

Outside David Bowie [iTunes] (a song, but also the album’s title; the whole album is a treasure trove of nightmarish sounding songs with names like Heart’s Filthy Lesson, We Prick You, and The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty); highly recommended)

The Great Gig in the Sky – Pink Floyd [iTunes] (almost the whole song is this woman screaming—freaky but oddly soulful; and just a side note, if you haven’t listened to Pink Floyd’s album, The Dark Side of the Moon, while watching The Wizard of Oz, please do so; The Great Gig in the Sky corresponds with Dorothy getting caught in the tornado—so awesome)

Strange Fruit – Billie Holiday [iTunes] (a scary jazz song about how white Southerners used to hang black folk from trees and nobody seemed to really mind—except the black folk, of course).

Alice – The Cocteau Twins [iTunes] (the freakiest thing about this song is that I don’t know what they’re saying—I’m not even sure it’s in English; plus it sounds vaguely operatic, and opera is very scary)

Vertebrae By Vertebrae – Björk [iTunes] (I have no idea what this song is about, but what it sounds like it’s about gives me the creeps; I always imagine bugs inching up my spine; and speaking of bugs…)

Bugs – Pearl Jam [iTunes] (features Eddie Vedder chanting obsessively about bugs over the accordion from hell; I wonder if I’ll ever be famous enough to write something as completely insane as this song is and get away with it)

How to Disappear Completely – Radiohead [iTunes](“I’m not here, this isn’t happening”—I’m always curious about what is happening, but I’m too frightened of the answer to ever think about it too deeply)

Poems – Tricky (Tricky’s got a couple of spooky ones, but this is his magnum opus of spooky songs; if your worst nightmare had a theme song, it would sound like Poems)

So those are some of the spookier tunes on my playlist. If anyone knows of any others, let me know—I’m always in the market for spooky. 😉


Bleeding Violet is the story of a girl suffering from manic-induced hallucinations who discovers that not every strange thing she sees is imaginary, especially after she flees to Portero–an East Texas town where magic and monsters are frighteningly real.

When she’s not out manning space missions for NASA and scaring little children, Dia spends her time tweeting naughty stuff and reading and writing eleventy billion books, though usually not at the same time.

You can visit her website or follow her on Twitter, if you dare.

AUTHORS AND BLOGGERS: If you would like to be a part of Jukebox Junkies, email me at mya [dot] rooney [at] gmail [dot] com!


2 responses

  1. Wow. Creepy/awesome. Great feature! (can’t wait for some winter holiday-themed ones…)

    October 31, 2009 at 2:37 pm

  2. Terra

    I think this playlist is 100% dead on for Bleeding Violet. I am almost done with the book and just reading the playlist brought me back to what I envisioned the atmosphere in the book. FANTASTIC!!!!

    February 8, 2010 at 2:18 pm

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