Waiting on Wednesday: Week 14

So it just occurred to me that my scheduled post didn’t go up last week. Here’s me, making up for it.


Wish – Alexandra Bullen

(out January 2010 from Point)

For broken-hearted Olivia Larsen, nothing can change the fact that her twin sister, Violet, is gone… until a mysterious, beautiful gown arrives on her doorstep. The dress doesn’t just look magical; it is magical. It has the power to grant her one wish, and the only thing Olivia wants is her sister back.

With Violet again by her side, both girls get a second chance at life. And as the sisters soon discover, they have two more dresses-and two more wishes left. But magic can’t solve everything, and Olivia is forced to confront her ghosts to learn how to laugh, love, and live again.

In a breathtaking debut from Alexandra Bullen, WISH asks the question: If you could have anything, what would you wish for?


The Secret Year – Jennifer Hubbard

(out January 2010 from Viking Children’s Books)

For the past year, Colt has been sneaking out, late at night, to meet Julia. And they have a reason to keep their relationship secret. For one, it’s supposed to be and meaningless, no strings-attatched sort of thing. And for another, Julia has a boyfriend from someone of her own “status.” Julia and Colt come from two opposite worlds (though it’s not to the point where Julia and Colt mirror Romeo and Juliet). Whenever they see each other at school, they pretend that they have no idea who the other is. It is only at night when the two can truly connect. But then Julia dies. And Colt is left in confusion with how to deal with his grief for a girl who know one knows he knows.

Until he’s given her journal by the one person who has figured the deception out. During a year, Colt reads through Julia’s diary, (which is written to him). The Secret Year reveals the stories of Julia and Colt’s past and the journey of grieving and living.


aaaaand what just might be my favorite cover/synopsis combination of the upcoming year…

The Rise of Renegade X – Chelsea Campbell

(out May 2010 from Egmont USA)

Sixteen-year-old Damien Locke has a plan: major in messing with people at the local supervillain university and become a professional evil genius, just like his supervillain mom. But when he discovers the shameful secret she’s been hiding all these years, that the one night stand that spawned him was actually with a superhero, everything gets messed up. His father’s too moral for his own good, so when he finds out Damien exists, he actually wants him to come live with him and his goody-goody superhero family. Damien gets shipped off to stay with them in their suburban hellhole, and he only has six weeks to prove he’s not a hero in any way, or else he’s stuck living with them for the rest of his life, or until he turns eighteen, whichever comes first.

To get out of this mess, Damien has to survive his dad’s “flying lessons” that involve throwing him off the tallest building in the city—despite his nearly debilitating fear of heights—thwart the eccentric teen scientist who insists she’s his sidekick, and keep his supervillain girlfriend from finding out the truth. But when Damien uncovers a dastardly plot to turn all the superheroes into mindless zombie slaves, a plan hatched by his own mom, he discovers he cares about his new family more than he thought. Now he has to choose: go back to his life of villainy and let his family become zombies, or stand up to his mom and become a real hero.


Phew, man. How on earth am I going to afford everything next year? What are YOU waiting for?


3 responses

  1. Nice list! Right now I really can’t wait for Brightly Woven – it looks so wonderful!

    September 30, 2009 at 1:54 pm

  2. Love the cover on Wish! I’m waiting for the new Charlaine Harris books and Tempted.

    October 5, 2009 at 4:23 am

  3. Thank you! I see I’m in good company!

    October 19, 2009 at 9:13 pm

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