Waiting on Wednesday: Week 11

Okay, I totally lost track of time. It is Wednesday, right?

This week’s theme is “books I am totally jumping the gun on because they will be awesome”.


First up,


For those of you who are somehow even less informed than I usually am, this is the upcoming (and by upcoming, I mean we have to wait a couple of years) next installment of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series by Cassandra Clare, and this one focuses on the life of Simon as a ***SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST BOOK vampire END SPOILER***

Um, I think my voice has gone bust after the excessive squee-ing, so I’ll leave it at that.



Jekel Loves Hyde – Beth Fantaskey

No actual blurb… but here’s what Beth had to say about it in an interview at LurvViews:

….it’s another dark-but-fun, supernatural romance about two teenagers who discover they have a shared destiny, related to the old novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Unfortunately, the more the shy heroine, Jill, starts to fall in love with the mysterious hero, Tristen, the more dangerous he becomes to her.  There’s lots of mystery and twists and turns to the plot.  I’m going to post an excerpt on my website, so people can check it out.


Something Like Fate – Susane Colasanti

No blurb for this one either, but I’m guessing it’s a “falling for your best friend’s boyfriend” sort of a deal? Still, I heart the cover, and you can never really go wrong with a Colasanti original! =)


That’s it from me this week. What are YOU waiting on?


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