Team Zombie? Win Books!

I heart The Epic Rat – her giveaways are always such oodles of fun, and insanely generous. Now, being a staunch supporter of Team Zombie, I cracked up at this giveaway she’s hosting, and I hope everyone takes part in Zombie Appreciation Week! (August 29 – September6 – “be there or be dead”)

In honor of Zombie Appreciation Week, I will be conducting a zombified GRaB that includes ALL zombie books that I have reviewed in the past and will be reviewing this week! I know, please refrain from drooling all over your keyboards – this is only a feast for the brains, not the tummies! :}

Are you totally awesomed out? Plus, here’s a tip: if you tell her I sent you, you get 10 EXTRA POINTS in the giveaway! Neat, right? Click on the banner for more details!

Only one thing to say to that… UUUNNGGHHHH!


One response

  1. Always here to bring zombies to everyone’s lives! 😀 Wait until you see how truly infected my blog is!

    August 29, 2009 at 9:58 pm

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