Day 5: Blue-Eyed Devil – Lisa Kleypas

There are only two words necessary to sell this book, and two words that explain why I think everyone should read this: Hardy Cates.

Technically speaking, we meet Hardy in the first book of the Travis’ saga*, Sugar Daddy. If you want the whole picture, you should probably read that first, but you don’t have to. He is, of course, the aforementioned Blue-eyed Devil… or is he? Dun dun DUNNNN! (Sorry, I love doing that. You will probably see it more than you need to, so get used to it!)

Haven Travis is the much-loved daughter and sister in a house full of proud Travis men – her proud and domineering father, and her brothers Gage (see Sugar Daddy), Jack (see Smooth-Talking Stranger) and Joe (yet to be seen more of). She’s a little spoiled, which explains her rather unwise decision to marry the man she loves against her family’s wishes.

Of course, she regrets it later when her husband turns out to be an abusive, insecure, jackass. Okay, jackass is a very mild term. Basically the first quarter of the book is a moving illustration of a woman in love who is abused, and who continues to make excuse after excuse for why her partner does it. Seriously – it was bad enough to move me to tears, and I’m usually not one to cry at violence.

I know that sounds gruesome and brutal, and it is, but I think it’s important for every woman to read this and know how to read the signs, how to deal, and when to walk away.

Anyhoo, after that comes in the secret love of my life, Hardy. He swoops into Haven’s life as she recovers, and jumbles everything up again. In a good way. Aaah, for once I’m at a loss for words to explain his awesomeness. He’s dark, but also the white knight. He’s jaded, but also appreciative of true beauty. He’s damaged, but he has the power to fix Haven just as she fixes him.

It’s gorgeous, and I think I’m sorta ruining it. So go read this if just to come back to make fun of how awfully I did this.

* Does anyone else not feel like using that word after Twilight killed it? I just sort of snigger every time I see it. Random thought. Ignore me.


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