Day 4: Dream a Little Dream – Susan Elizabeth Phillips

In all my in-depth research of the world of romantic fiction (ahem!), there is only one writer in the world whose books can:

a)      Never be bad.

b)      Be your only possession on a desert island.

c)      Surprise you and blow you out of your mind.

d)      Make you smarter.

e)      Leave you with heartache/tears/warm fuzzy feelings for days afterwards.

And that writer is, without a doubt, Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Let me put it this way: if you ever told me there was only one writer I could read for the rest of my life, it would be her, hands down.

I can’t tell you how hard it was to pick one single Susan Elizabeth Phillips title to showcase here. Should I have picked Hot Shot, the epic tale of a sheltered young woman and three very different men, who together embark on the ultimate journey of discovery that changed the world as we know it? Or maybe Honey Moon, the coming-of-age story of a brave young girl who finds her silver screen fame and completely shakes up the world of her two male co-stars forever? Or Kiss an Angel, the story of a rich girl and a circus performer who are shoved into an arranged marriage as a challenge, and have to conquer their dislike of one another for just six months? Or the likeliest candidates for an all-time favorite would have been the entire Chicago Stars Football Series, the stories of an all-star team and the women who help them find a world outside of football?

In the end, I picked none of the above. Dream A Little Dream isn’t exactly a standalone novel – rather a branch off the Chicago Stars series (particularly Nobody’s Baby but Mine, book 3 in the series). You don’t have to read the series and/or book to read this, but it’s a nice feeling already knowing some of the characters.

Dream A Little Dream is a story of the most reclusive of the Bonner brothers, Gabe Bonner, who lost his wife and young son in a tragic accident. On the other hand is Rachel Stone, the disgraced and widowed mother of a little boy, wife of a flamboyant televangelist who ripped off and pissed off a whole lot of people before he died. She isn’t welcome back in the least, especially not by Gabe, but she deals with the petty humiliations and the slave labor for her son’s welfare.

It’s a touching story of how the mighty fall and how it’s important to pick yourself up and out of your poverty. How there’s no one else to do it for you. And how you just might find yourself a companion to go along for the ride, instead. Steam rating’s pretty high, but it’s worth it for the sake of the good storylines.

I’ll admit, I cried a little bit. You probably won’t, but I recommend you read this anyway!

And for the curious, here’s a handy listing for the works of SEP (the ones in bold are the ones you HAVE to read at some point in your busy lives =D)

Chicago Stars Football Series

  1. It Had To Be You
  2. Heaven, Texas
  3. Nobody’s Baby But Mine

3.5 Bonner Brothers 2: Dream A Little Dream

4. This Heart of Mine

5. Match Me If You Can

6. Natural Born Charmer

Golfer Series

  1. Fancy Pants
  2. Lady Be Good


  1. Hot Shot
  2. Honey Moon
  3. Kiss an Angel
  4. Just Imagine
  5. First Lady
  6. Glitter Baby
  7. Breathing Room
  8. Ain’t She Sweet
  9. What I Did For Love (2009)

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