Day 3: If You Could See Me Now – Cecelia Ahern

I know I’ve said this before, but there’s a special place in my heart for Cecelia Ahern. True, P.S. I Love You wasn’t one of my favorite books, and was an even worse movie, but she has a knack for writing the most gorgeous prose. Such beautifully described emotions and feelings, and the lush visuals of the Irish countryside make you want to book a ticket immediately. Each one of her impractical but wistful romances is a gem, but if there’s one that’s kept me up all night and made me sniffle and sob, it’s If You Could See Me Now.

This is the story of overworked and overwhelmed Elizabeth Egan. She grew up too fast, as kids often do when everyone else in the family is crazy, and missed out on some of the most important bond-forming years of her life. As a result, she’s practically friendless and lonely. And on top of all that, her sister Saoirse (pronounced Seer-shah, if you were curious) has very conveniently left her young son Luke in Elizabeth’s able hands.

Enter Ivan. He’s no ordinary guy – in fact, he’s imaginary. No, that isn’t a metaphor, he really is an imaginary friend to little kids. Grownups don’t see him, because he’s there for the kids who need a friend to talk to. But for the first time in his “life”, he’s taken aback by the fact that Elizabeth can see him, hear him, even touch him. Soon, they both realize they need each other desperately. But will these star-crossed lovers have their happily ever after? Does their impossible love stand a chance?

Like I said, it’s unconventional, and definitely not something most people can dream of, but it’s still incredibly adorable. People who’ve read Sundays with Tiffany by James Patterson might find the stories similar, but where Patterson skips out on those ever so wonderful niceties that our senses ask for, Ahern fills up the gaps and leaves you breathless. You’ll want to go out and frolic in the fields as Ivan teaches Elizabeth to stop and smell the roses, and you’ll sigh longingly as they both fall gradually in love.

It’s one heck of a ride, and a stunning scenario to boot. You will not want to miss how this ends. Make sure you tell me if it made you cry or if I’m just overly sentimental. Which, if you hadn’t noticed, is a very real possibility.

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ETA: I should point out that this book has been optioned for a movie, as have most of Cecelia Ahern’s other books. Maybe that’ll sway your opinion, hm?


One response

  1. I LOVE If You Could See Me Now!

    (Also, Patterson’s book doesn’t even come close.)

    July 30, 2009 at 10:38 am

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