You 2.0 blog launched!

This is a very, very special announcement for a fantastic new venture! Kay Cassidy, author of the upcoming series The Cinderella Society (and a fantastic Tenner to boot!) has just launched the You 2.0 blog! It’s… well, I’m going to let Kay explain it, she does it best:

It’s a bit different than a traditional author blog because it’s all about being the best YOU you can be. That means going for your dreams, making a difference in your world (big or small), showing gratitude, paying it forward… and so much more!

We’ll also be talking about the books we love, the things (and people!) we care about, and making sure there’s plenty of laughter to go around. In addition to the You 2.0 topics, I’ll be gabbing about what I’m reading, what I’m watching, the writing life and, well, anything else that fascinates me. :-)

Sounds amazing, right? So head on over today, and watch out for that amazing lineup of interviews – featuring yours truly 😉 – and get ready for an awesome summer of writing advice, career advice, contests and more! Thanks, Kay!!!


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