Last thing, I swear

I’m on Facebook! Go friend me now!

Click on that and friend me. No, really. When I will hold my giveaways, there will be bonus points for Facebook friends. And as for authors… I just enjoy stalking you. In a totally harmless fangirly way =D

Warning, though – I’m insanely camera shy, so you probably won’t be finding pictures of me anywhere. Personal info, though? Mayhaps…

OKAY… nowwww I will get back to work.

PS. NEW MOON TRAILER! SWOON! I don’t care if those abs are airbrushed, or if KStew does the strange eyebrow waggle to make RPattz kiss her, or whatever. HOTT! I might just watch this one, if only to appreciate better special effects and no blue/green tints.


One response

  1. The New Moon trailer is really good. =) I think I will cry when Edward leaves Bella. The whole cinema is gonna be flooded. BTW, if you like Twilight, you’ll like my regular feature Twilight Tuesday!

    Feel free to start doing Twilight Tuesday on your blog too. 😉

    June 3, 2009 at 8:23 am

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