I’m going to say this just once…

This was not a blue-state vs. red-state contest. The winner and who everyone voted for is no indication of anyone’s sexuality, religion, gender, age, or anything of the sort. The fact of the matter is that more people could digest Kris Allen’s music than Adam Lambert’s. It’s that simple.

It’s music, guys. Enough of the damned hating.

Like, ZOMG, Kris gots baby-lovers votez. So UNFAREZ!

Like, ZOMG, Kris gots baby-lovers' votez. So UNFAREZ!

Let’s point out the fact that both Kris and Adam were in total awe of each other. Kris even painted his own thumbnail black in solidarity, and the two pointed at each other without a moment’s hesitation when asked who would win. Hell, Kris even negated his own win saying Adam deserved it. Who are we to hate on either of them?

I’m going to come back to this about 6 months from now when they each come out with a debut single… and then poll how many people can actually listen to either one on repeat. It’s a different world when they start singing original songs, instead of re-hashing old classics.

I’m happy, because I am shamelessly addicted to comfortable, acoustic, easy listening sort of pop songs. It’s a fact. I can’t stomach screams and face paint and shoulder cages, though I have a lot of respect for people who do.

That said, Lambert’s got a great career ahead of him. The second place thing won’t change that. Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson are proof that it don’t matter what place you finish.

But I digress… the point is, quit picking on everyone involved and everyone who watched. They were both talented, and no one was robbed.

And dare I say it – it’s just a damn TV show. Go back to your lives, already!

There. I’m done. Now we return to our regular programming.


One response

  1. amy

    I completely agree! I think he deserved it and maybe I’m a little biased, being a lover of smooth oldies.

    May 24, 2009 at 9:55 pm

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