Three Cheers for Carrie Ryan!!!

In case you haven’t heard yet, our very own Carrie Ryan, the fabulous author of the YA zombie mega-hit The Forest of Hands and Teeth, and one of the ultra-talented ’09 Debs, has managed to score a movie deal for her book! Eeeek! So exciting! Insiders are touting it as the next big thing in movie adaptations with large fan followings, and claim that it will “do for zombies what Twilight did for vampires”. Go Team Zombie!

The movie rights have been scored by Seven Star Pictures, who have also fast-tracked the project, and a first draft for the screenplay is already said to be in production. Plus, there seems to be a whiff of an A-list celebrity’s involvement in the deal. FAMOUS PERSON ENIGMA OOOO!

I have to say, I can’t even imagine how Carrie herself is feeling… but as a fan who JUST managed to finish reading the book (review coming up soon!) within hours of receiving the news, I feel kinda smug. Like I’m part of an exclusive club of original fans of the book. Is this what the early Twi-fans felt like?


For more info, visit Carrie’s blog, see the blurb (with some mysterious picture) at the Seven Star website, and the announcement at Publisher’s Weekly. Meanwhile, I’m going to go polish up that review. Watch this space for more info!

And to Carrie, a huge CONGRATULATIONS from the entire fandom! *\o/* ~Cheerleader waves~


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