Abibliophobia is apparently defined as the irrational fear of running out of reading material. I know it well, having been a sufferer for most of my life. It’s quite a big problem for any person who really doesn’t have the time to read (aka me). When I was younger and my pocket money severely limited to one book a month, I’d read REALLY REALLY slowly, even though the book would be a total of like, a hundred and fifty pages. It was painful. I wouldn’t recommend raising a child like my parents did.

Thankfully, I grew up and discovered the wonders of used bookstores, which happily propped up everywhere in the world that my family or I have traveled or relocated to. I haggled, bargained, sniffed out deals I’d previously thought impossible to find, physically struggled with other book enthusiasts for my favorite titles… you name it, I did it. It’s a talent I’m rather proud of, and I’ll carry my secrets to the grave.

Of course, there’s nothing quite like hitting the jackpot in terms of book sales, and even I was taken aback when I started putting together my list of buys for this month (April ’09). Let me tell you – it’s not easy to surprise me, but I managed it.

I haven’t quite compiled the entire list with the latest release e-books and the like included, but this month’s haul is exceptional. My paperback collection now has 31 new entries. Yes, that is correct, I said 31.

Wanna know how much they cost? A grand total of $12.22

Holy. Effing. Dealgrabber.

I’m feeling kind of smug right now, so I’m just going to go start writing up my list, which of course, I’ll post at the end of the month. Meanwhile, tell me, what’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten at a book sale or the like? And what’s your best find?


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