After about 11.5 months of brainstorming a name, photoshopping a header image, and generally finding other lame excuses to put this off, my baby is finally launching. Neither killer unicorns nor sparkly vampires out for my blood could take away my joy at this very moment.

Okay, so how many of you have read a book, or watched a movie, or even just heard a song and thought to yourself, “Wow! That’s the person for me. Now, if only he/she existed in real life.”….?

Chances are, a lot of you.

Dissecting Perfection is, in a way, a small twist on the art of book/movie reviews. Instead of the actual mediums, I’m going to be focusing on the characters – how they react to the situations the plot presents, how they’re described, and of course, most importantly, would they really be so perfect in the real world?

My small contribution to society. Call it fiction’s “Hot or Not”.

I’m going to be reviewing popular fictitious characters as often as I can, taken from a variety of genres, but mostly YA Lit and Chick Lit (because we know that’s where all the perfect dreams come from). I’m based overseas, so my pop culture knowledge might be a little behind schedule (books, especially, are a lot more delayed in their getting to me), but I’ll be doing my very best to provide you with all the latest and not-so-latest as fast as I get it.

Small overview: if you want to read my posts from the comforts of your own inbox, be sure to subscribe to my feed in the sidebar. My email address is also available there, and I welcome all your feedback and suggestions, good or bad. Seriously, tell me if you hate it. I don’t mind, and I’ll work to address the concerns.

And most importantly, if there’s a particular character you REALLY want to see dissected, let me know. I love what I do.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, tell a friend or two, and be careful what you swoon over: They’re still not real.

Puppies and sunshine,


PS. No, I’m not always this cheesy. It’s just a side effect of the high I’m on now that this site is finally functional. Trust me, the snark and b*tchiness will prevail.


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